The Sahara in Morocco

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By Mohamed Zine

Morocco: Merzouga, a village in the south east of the country, emerged as the focal center of tourism. Besides the huge and beautiful landscapes of the area especially the immensity of its sand dunes with changing colours of the sand grains during the sunny daytime, the bounty of the population and their knowhow in the field of tourism are recognized in the whole world. Many special motorcycle activities are held each time along the year namely motor rallies, 4×4 car competitions , worldwide marathons, sandsurfing sports, big fire and Gnawa music animation events….

Furthermore; many famous movies were shot herein , profiting from the various sceneries and miscellaneous lights during the daytime across the whole year.

The Moroccan authorities are also thanked for endowing the region with vital accommodations such as water and electricity, communication means, and security.

Other hygienic practices are also held during July and August when it is hot enough to do sandbathing: a traditional method to cure from rheumatism, though a lot of care has to be taken. Not to forget birdwatching hobbies. Each spring time hundreds of ornithology amateurs visit the area to admire birds beauty and songs, other desert animals are also to be seen and enjoyed.

Last but not least, any tourist who visited Merzouga never repented it. On the contrary a tourist wished always to visit it back again and many times. Its sand storms are always beloved and admired by them.

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