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1.) Which organisation do you represent and what are their plans?

I represent Informa Markets, it is the largest event organizer in the world, We organize over 500 large-scale branded and transaction-oriented events in 14 specialist markets. These are typically not-to-be-missed annual events where buyers and sellers build relationships, see and show products and do business. We also provide year-round online platforms where companies showcase their businesses and products and buyers conduct research, generating valuable leads, and we provide data and digital content that supports the flow of knowledge and transactions in markets.

I am part of the Egypt office, where we organize 12 specialized exhibition yearly and our latest launches will MENA Wind Power which will be the first event with main focus for Wind Energy and Egypt and the region. MENA Wind Power will be organized by Informa Markets and The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), a leading member-based organization that represents the entire wind energy

will be hosting MENA Wind Power along side Egypt Energy, the leading energy and power exhibition in Egypt and North Africa with a 30 years history. As many countries and businesses make their commitments to delivering net-zero targets by 2050, this event will facilitate, connections and dialogue to outline how these targets/goals will be achieved. It will also look at how governments are driving the agenda through policy and regulatory frameworks and how investors are making their decisions to support this transition.

2.) What can a visitor to the events expect?

When 2 leading organizations like GWEC & Informa combine their expertise to deliver a project like MENA Wind Power it is only fair that exhibiting participants expects

  • Visibility: where they can Showcase their products and services in front of potential customers and educate them about their brand face to face.
  • 356-Day Marketing: we help Improve their ROI by leveraging our extensive year-round marketingcampaign targeting thousands of buyers.
  • Thought Leadership:  we give exhibitors a chance toshow off their innovations. Educate their target audience with key messages in our technical seminar area which help differentiate them from their competitors.
  • Lead Generation:  the main objective of participating in such event is to Save time and money by generating quality leads and increase the prospect of reaching their target buyers.

3.) What are the conditions for wind energy in Egypt?

Wind conditions in Egypt are outstanding, particularly around the Red sea coast, the Nile banks and both western and Sinai deserts. To give you an idea the wind speed in the Guld of Suez is 10.5 m/s at a Hight of 50 meters while it reaches 7.5 m/s on both banks of the Nile at an altitude of 80 meters. The land space the Eastern desert and the Sinai peninsula offers, gives the opportunity for establishing large scale projects to generate electricity from wind power. (

4.)  What is happening with wind energy in Egypt? 

Egypt’s Vision 2030 aims to achieve a diversified, competitive and balanced economy within the framework of sustainable development. Renewable energy has a central role to play, a role detailed

in the Integrated Sustainable Energy Strategy to 2035, released by the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy in 2015. The “ISES 2035” ensures continuous, diversified energy security and establishes the necessary conditions to enable the increased development of renewables through the engagement of all sectors. is home to a wide array of untapped solar and wind resources, and according to the ISES 2035, renewable energy capacity should contribute 42% of power capacity by 2035, which is likely to create an opportunity for the wind energy market to grow in the near future. Renewable energy is expected to make up 20% and 42% of electricity generation in 2021/22 and 2034/35, respectively. The average growth rate for renewable energy in primary energy supply reaches 7.3%.

5.) What role will wind energy play in Egypt’s electricity mix in 2020?

The wind energy market in Egypt is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 15% during the forecast period of 2020-2025. The primary driver for the market includes the government’s efforts to have a low-cost, sustainable, and cleaner form of energy and thereby to reduce the growing carbon emissions. there are many governmental projects running in Egypt now, projects under construction for 120 Mega Watts, others under Development for 250 Mega Watts and another 200 Mega Watts projects under planning. The private sector has a big role in the Wind Energy development as the current competitive bidding projects are worth 1770 Mega watts distributed around the Suez Gulf and the Nile banks.

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