The Eletrification of Africa – An Interview with a Chinese Actor

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China: Jackie Jiang rides for the company Chinese AiplaESS with extensive operations in China. Founded in 2012, it specialises in providing advanced energy storage products and smart energy management solutions worldwide. It supports fluctuating renewable sources in combination with offgrid solutions that are installed in Africa.  As an international high-tech company, Alpha’s business has expanded to Europe, Australia and Africa.

Who is Jackie Jiang? 

Thanks Thomas for the interview. I am the people who are devoted to light up the Africa region and provid the energy solution for the Middle East region where are unstable utility powers. (Reasons: As we all know, energy is essential in regions of unstable utility power, where daily grid power interruptions are frequent, and the use of diesel generators or other fossil-based power sources, is a must.)

What interests you most in Africa? 

1. Definitely first is about the power supply data up. 

2.Actually expect the electricity I am also interested in the cultural and life habits with Africa

What is interesting about your Solution for energy Supplemente in Africa?

That’s a good question. The most common solution in the market is Battery + PCS(inverter), two brand suppliers just for one projects about the energy storage, they are no have some things like EMS/ Integrated data platform and so on.We provide more smart and build in “brand”energy storage, they will let battery & inverter realize more functions, remote debugging/ update/ maintenance… 

Where will Africa be in 10 years?

I can’t wait to see Africa ten years later. For my imagination: A scene of prosperity – The first is full power supply(Electricity is fundamental to development, the education/ hospital/ restaurant/ mall… all need power. The lives of African people have been greatly improved, both in terms of housing and food. Anyway, We live on the same earth, so we are actually family, hope more people from all over the world can support what you can do in Africa. Let’s lighting up the Africa. 

Interview: Dr. Thomas Isenburg

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