The story of desert power is now published in French

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Germany: The updated version of our book Energy Transition in the Desert has now been published in French translation with the title: Ènergie sans èmission produite dans les deserts. Paul van Son, the president of the Desertec Industial Iniatiative Dii and Dr. Thomas Isenburg tell the story of the Desertec vision from the perspective of a manager and a journalist.

The name Desertec stands for one of the largest infrastructure projects of our time. The renewable sources of the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa) are to be used one day for the energy supply of the region and Europe. In the meantime, this brilliant idea has developed into the Desertec 3.0 version, which integrates a hydrogen economy. 

The deserts of the MENA region have huge potential to convert renewable energy sources into electricity or hydrogen. In a time when carbon dioxide emissions must be rapidly avoided, the vision of electricity from the desert is one that interests politicians, civil society and industry alike. This has given rise to a dynamic process not without conflict. The book provides deep insights into the top management of the international energy industry and the interactions with policy makers. It goes into the history of the region as well as the development of renewable energies and current activities. The drop in prices for the production of renewable electricity is driving this forward.

The German and English versions of the book were already published in 2019. These are now completed by a French translation. This means that the topic is now also accessible to readers from Francophone Africa. The book is published by the Dutch publisher Smart Book Publisher. The German version is published by Oekom-Verlag. The authors, Paul van Son and Dr Thomas Isenburg, are available for readings and lectures on the topic. 

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