A dive into Namibian fashion designers

A dive into Namibian fashion designers

I have lived a short life, and my place in the world of fashion has had an even shorter existence so far and if there is one thing I can say for certain, it is this; People truly do not realize how much of their lives is impacted and shaped by fashion. We live by design, and the designers? Well, they have now become our credited puppet masters.

Seeing that we are talking about fashion I would love to call the attention of each and every reader to the source of this ‘Design’ we so flawlessly live by.

We all love fashion without a doubt, but perhaps it is time to also fall a little in love with the Fashion Designers. We wear their souls on our sleeves without remorse, a gesture really lol so it is only befitting that we take a subtle but intimate look into Fashion from their perspective as well.

    Fashion designers to me are like Fabric-Oracles, they stare glaringly into their crystal balls and predict with cunning precision the very next trends and with style laced in artistic grace they dare to physically manifest these visions and ideas. Oh the process is truly magical. To visualize a gown, to stitch up your ideas and form with your hands what only your mind and spirit could perceive??? GRANDE is the word for it. Beautiful and audacious!! How dare they impress us with such divine wit. But oh well, I digress lol 

It has been a life thrilling experience having the honor of strutting the runway in garments of both well-known Namibian designers and international designers. Having to bring a designer’s vision to life is surreal and that explains why every single year my excitement and curiosity about the new collections from Namibian designers is always inexplicably over the top. I can never contain the joy it brings.

 I will never forget the day Leah Misika, a prominent fashion designer whose work ethic speaks for itself reached out to me to model for her Jan Jooster collection, every ‘happy dance’ ever invented since the beginning of humanity knew my name and begged me to stop! I was ecstatic. To say but the least.

Allow me to take a second and brag about Namibian Fashion Designers. 

It’s the dedication for me. Truly, Without a doubt. The value and rich spirit Namibian designer’s put into their artistry, background fabric research, textures and overall collections is unparalleled. And it is because of this truth that I now, more than ever, believe that there is so much more that Namibia can offer the world in terms of fashion, art and Spirit.

I think the world is ready to hear our stories. Dressed in authentic Fashion spirit and graceful bravery. Each color, pattern and design coming together to reveal a plot so thick that it would be deserving of an Omaere Sponsorship deal. Ha! I jest.

   I had the privilege of interviewing Leah Misika, founder of La Mode Fashions and Simeone Johannes, master-mind behind the synEDGY fashion brand.

Leah says her journey as a designer has been an exciting roller coaster ride. Well to be much more precise this is exactly what she said when I made an inquiry of it.

    “It has had its low moments and highs and to think this is just the beginning. I have a very blessed career trajectory in the industry, and I have absolutely no regrets with where the journey has taken me from and is taking me to… thus far.”

Tell us Leah, What is your Brand style?

  “My brand speaks to simplicity and exclusivity above anything else. I started to build my brand in my first year of university and from that moment up to now, I have always wanted my brand to have an air of mystery, after all the women we design for are nothing short of that.”

And what do you think makes your Brand unique from the rest?

“I do not know if you can call it uniqueness, but I attribute our uniqueness to our ability to consistently do things our way and at our own time, no matter what. Rushing our dream and collections is not in our fashion bible. We want to release work and fashion we feel good about, sometimes that can take a short time and at other times it can take a long time. Either way; we never rush into anything without having measured our ability to deliver. Being on the radar and staying relevant is not a goal for us, making good fashion is. We just want people to look and feel good.”

Did you guys catch that last bit tho? The bit about the radar and relevance? I sure hope the amateurs are reading this because that right there? That is absolute Fashion-GOLD.!

One thing I can certainly say about Leah Misika’s work is that it never misses the MARK. Her clothes have a lingering presence of respect and high status. Trust me, I know.

 She is indeed one of Namibia’s most valued fashion designers and industry experts. Do check out her websites and pry for yourself.

Links : www.lmlamodestyle.com  & www.lmlamode.com 

     Simeone Johannes spoke on how his journey has been an interesting one. Having launched his brand at a very young age he had to sacrifice what may feel to some like an eternity of fun years. He instead chose to grow a business that would prove to not only be lucrative but also stand the test of time. Talk about prioties.

Please, regale us with the beginnings on your journey?

 “When I embarked on this journey, I had very little knowledge of the actual business side of fashion and I had to learn all of that myself and to be frank, I still haven’t grasped all of the knowledge that I require but I’ve learned so much about myself. My tenacity and drive have grown tremendously.”

What is your Brand style?

“The core identity of my brand is high-end ready to wear and “athleisure”. I love making a look that can be interpreted to fit the buyer’s fashion choices. Something high-fashion, layered, quiet, but still a statement piece.
I’ve also seen myself getting more into evening and bridal wear, but I wouldn’t really say that’s where my passion lies.”

What would you say makes your Brand unique from the rest?

“I think one of synEDGY’s greatest qualities is its Versatility, synEDGY is a multi-faceted fashion brand that caters to many areas and styles of fashion. We are not afraid to try out new styles and we try to have fun with fashion, all the time”

synEDGY is one of the youngest designers in Namibia and definitely one to look out for. His designs are simple yet elegant and sophisticated. When one sees a synEDGY garment, it is undeniable that it is a synEDGY garment and that is due to the fact that he stays true to his style and unique visions. I cannot wait to see more from this designer and the brand in its entirety.

Pry for yourself.


Need I say more? In hindsight there is so much more that could be said without a single doubt but take a moment and revile in the bliss of this fashion article put together by brilliant minds for spirited beings such as yourself, yes, our most precious reader.

Written by Uatjiri Mbaisa, a Namibian model.

Email: 98umbaisa@gmail.com

Instagram: @Uatjirimbaisa


Twitter: @OUatjiriUtaara

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