The paintings by Medienbüro Afrika available in Germany

You are currently viewing The paintings by Medienbüro Afrika available in Germany

David Suddy’s pictures are exhibited in the Schollbrockhaus Gallery. They accompany his articles in Medienbüro and show life situations that are otherwise not easily accessible with a camera.

The blog mixes articles by European and African authors. They deal with culture, livestyle, social backgrounds and energy. a new article appears weekly and the authors receive fees for their contributions.

Sponsors are sought for this, who are then also mentioned by name on the blog. About 8000 users visit the internet portal every month. The proceeds from the pictures are passed on directly to the photographer in Tanzania or are used to buy a camera for him. So far, David has been taking pictures with his mobile phone.  

The Schollbrockhaus Gallery will open on Saturday 2 October 2021 with a vernissage from 12 to 3 pm and then every Saturday. In addition to David’s works, the works of the artists of the Schollbrockhaus Art Association will be on display. The gallery is located at Karl-Brandt-Weg 1, 44629 Herne – Germany.

Further information: Dr. Thomas Isenburg, science journalist in Herne, +49 176 200 453 10

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